Global Trade Analytics

Mastering Global Trade Dynamics with QDT's Platform

About the service

Global Trade Insights: Navigating the Future with QDT's Advanced Analytics Platform

  • Comprehensive Data Integration:

Our platform seamlessly integrates the COMTRADE dataset with external data sources such as shipping logistics and macroeconomic indicators, offering a 360-degree view of the trade ecosystem.

  • Advanced Commodity Analysis:

The inclusion of SITC codes for commodity classifications enhances the platform's analytical capabilities, enabling users to perform granular analysis and forecasting of global trade patterns

  • Dynamic Vessel Routing:

By analyzing historical AIS data, the platform provides up-to-the-minute insights into shipping logistics, enhancing maritime operations and supply chain efficiency.

  • Cloud-Based Scalability

Utilizing a cloud deployment model powered by a scalable Kubernetes framework, the platform ensures optimal performance, robust security, and dynamic scalability to meet the needs of any organization. Additionally, leveraging the advanced distributed database management capabilities of Cassandra, the platform offers quick, reliable access to extensive volumes of complex trade data.

Overview of Methodology

Actionable Insights

Users gain access to in-depth analyses of trade patterns, enabling the identification of market trends, risks, and opportunities.

Informed Decision Making

The platform arms policymakers, researchers, and business professionals with the critical data necessary for making informed strategic decisions regarding trade policies, market strategies, and investment opportunities.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Offers tools for improving supply chain and logistics operations through accurate forecasting and dynamic routing, leading to cost reductions and improved service quality.

Competitive Strategic Advantage

Users receive a competitive edge with advanced analytics on trade flows and economic indicators, facilitating strategic planning and accurate forecasting.

User Accessibility and Customization

Designed with an intuitive interface and customizable features, the platform is accessible to users of varying technical backgrounds, ensuring a wide range of applications.

Case Study: Solution similar to the one deployed by the Office of Naval Intelligence

  • Objectives

    Similar to the solution provided to the Office of Naval Intelligence, QDT's Advanced Trade Analytics Platform is designed to empower a broad spectrum of users in enterprises with a deep understanding of international trade dynamics. The solution delivers powerful means for analyzing global trade, offering strategic advantages in a complex and interconnected economic landscape

  • Informed Strategic Decision-Making

    The platform's actionable insights into global trade patterns and macroeconomic indicators enabled customer to identify their trade policies proactively.

  • Competitive Advantage

    Armed with advanced analytics on trade flows and economic trends, customer  gained a competitive edge, allowing for better forecasting and strategic planning.

  • Optimized Supply Chain Efficiency

    By utilizing the platform's dynamic vessel routing and in-depth shipping logistics analysis, customer streamlined their maritime operations, reducing delays and lowering transportation costs.

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