Marketing Analytics Suite: Personalization

Where Personal Touch Meets Global Reach

About the service

Boost loyalty and growth with our tailored, broad-reaching marketing strategies

  • Enhanced Customer Loyalty and Revenue

Our approach significantly boosts customer loyalty and revenue by ensuring a personalized and valuable experience for each customer, encouraging repeat business and stronger brand attachment.

  • Balanced Marketing Strategy

By integrating the philosophies of mass marketing and targeted personalization, our framework allows businesses to achieve broad market reach while also catering to the specific needs and preferences of individual customers.

  • Proven Success Through Real-World Applications

Demonstrated through case studies like Panera Bread and M&M's, our strategies have been successfully applied in the real world, showing tangible results in customer engagement and sales increases.

  • Adaptability to Emerging Market Challenges:

Our solutions are designed to be resilient and adaptable, effectively navigating modern challenges such as privacy regulations and technological advancements to keep your marketing strategies effective and compliant.

Overview of Methodology

Win-Win Personalization

At the core of our strategy is a simple yet powerful goal: to create a symbiotic relationship where companies enjoy heightened loyalty and revenue, and customers experience superior value and satisfaction with every interaction.

Harmonizing Expert Insights

We bridge the gap between two leading marketing philosophies—Byron Sharp’s mass marketing approach for broad market share and loyalty growth, and Mark Ritson’s targeted loyalty rewards—integrating their best elements to fuel your marketing success.

Applying Principles and Empirical Marketing Laws

Leveraging insights such as the Double Jeopardy Law, the pitfalls of sole loyalty, and the significance of targeting non-buyers, our strategy emphasizes mass marketing to enhance both market share and customer loyalty.

Real-World Success Stories

Our methodologies are backed by compelling case studies from renowned brands like Panera Bread and M&M's. These examples showcase our ability to craft personalized offers that not only cater to specific customer behaviors but also attract new or less engaged customers.

Navigating Modern Challenges

In an era where privacy changes and technological advancements like generative AI reshape marketing landscapes, we offer forward-thinking strategies. Our solutions are designed to adapt to these changes, providing a resilient framework that supports both personalized and mass marketing efforts.

Case Study: Loyalty Marketing for a Major Quick Service Restaurant Chain

  • Objectives

    • Drive incremental sales from loyalty customers by creating targeted offers
    • Reduce customer churn
    • Upsell and Cross-sell products at checkout basket
  • Loyalty

    Stronger loyalty across current customers (reduced churn) and increased subscription to the loyalty program (new customers)

  • Incremental Sales : $70M (Year 1), $100M (Year 2)

    Incremental Sales from additional transactions from existing customers and new customer acquisition

  • Insights

    Customer behavior measured across 400+ loyalty dimensions enabled the creative teams to generate many new targeted offers

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