Optimizing Growth: QDT's Advanced Enterprise Forecasting Solution

Revolutionizing Forecast Accuracy with QDT's Automated ML Solution

About the service

Driving Strategic Decisions: QDT's Comprehensive Forecasting Solution

QDT’s Enterprise Forecasting Solution

Our advanced enterprise forecasting solution, leverages Automated Machine Learning (ML) to empower enterprises with unparalleled forecasting accuracy for sales, category growth, and market trends. 

  • Precision Forecasting:

Automated ML technology ensures high accuracy in predicting sales and market trends, empowering strategic decision-making.

  • Comprehensive Market Insights

Integrates diverse data sources for a deep understanding of market dynamics and consumer behavior, enabling data-driven growth strategies.

  • Streamlined Process & Flexibility

Simplifies model-building with options for both pre-built and custom models, making advanced forecasting accessible without extensive technical expertise.

  • Strategic Resource Optimization

Aids in aligning marketing, distribution, and product development with market opportunities, enhancing ROI and competitive advantage.

Overview of Methodology

Core Capabilities of the Enterprise Forecasting Solution

This comprehensive platform is engineered to enhance strategic decision-making through deep data integration and sophisticated predictive analytics.

  • Automated Machine Learning (ML)

Streamlines the model-building process, enabling CPG companies to generate predictive models efficiently, with minimal need for deep technical knowledge. The platform offers flexibility in using pre-built models or creating bespoke models tailored to specific forecasting needs.

  • Broad Data Integration

Integrates an extensive array of global data sources, encompassing market data, financial indicators, retail foot traffic, consumer sentiment, and macroeconomic trends. This rich dataset supports nuanced analysis for accurate forecasting of sales volumes and market movements.

  • Sophisticated Forecasting Methodology

Employs a unique superforecasting approach that combines data modeling, wisdom of crowds, and adaptive forecasting to produce comprehensive and reliable market forecasts. This method ensures a holistic view of potential market dynamics and category growth opportunities.

Case Study: Category and Brand Forecast for a Leading CPG Company

  • Objective

    Increase accuracy of sales forecasts, identify drivers behind forecasts, and optimize Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP).

  • 95% Accuracy

    Provided objective sales forecasts with an average accuracy of 95%

  • Speed - Models Built in Days

    Reduced time spent on building forecast models from weeks/months to hours/days

  • Adaptation

    Adapt quickly to market trends like COVID, inflation, and geopolitical events by quickly incorporating into forecast.

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