Marketing Analytics Suite: Media Mix Modeling

Empowering Data-Driven Marketing with QDT's Quantum Superforecasting (QSF)

About the service

Maximizing Marketing ROI with Quantum Superforecasting

  • Forecast with Precision and Accuracy

Forecast sales and media effectiveness with an accuracy of 90-95% over an 18-month horizon, enabling forward-looking strategies that capitalize on future market opportunities.

  • Optimize Media Investments

Maximize marketing ROI by leveraging QSF's optimizer to intelligently distribute investments across channels based on predictive models.

  • Analyze the Drivers

Gain a deeper understanding of the factors driving sales, including how various media contributions affect overall performance, to inform more effective marketing strategies.

Overview of Methodology

Automated Machine Learning

With QSF, users can deploy highly accurate ML models to predict sales outcomes and media effectiveness without needing data science or coding expertise. This democratizes access to advanced analytics, allowing marketing teams to focus on strategy rather than technical implementation.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

QSF is built on a foundation of Quantum DL, a vast data lake that integrates with hundreds of data providers, offering thousands of data sources. This ensures that every media mix model is informed by the most relevant and up-to-date information.

Media/Trade Return on Investment (MROI)

QSF provides detailed insights into the ROI of various media investments, showcasing ad-stock and saturation curves across different channels. This allows businesses to measure the effectiveness of their media spends accurately and adjust strategies for optimal performance.

Media/Trade Optimizer

Utilizing predictive insights and MROI analyses, QSF's media optimizer tool helps businesses allocate their marketing budgets efficiently. By balancing spending across channels, companies can achieve their desired business objectives, whether that's growing market share, increasing sales, or improving the bottom line.

Deep Dive into Drivers

Beyond forecasting, QSF offers in-depth analyses of the drivers affecting sales, including the impact of different media and trade promotions. This secondary insight is invaluable for understanding market dynamics and refining marketing strategies.

Case Study: Media Optimization for a Major CPG

  • Objectives

    • Measure Media ROI across Channels and Brands
    • Optimize Media Spend to Maximize Revenue
  • -10%

    Decrease in the cost of media due to channel optimization

  • ‍+15%

    Uplift in sales due to media optimization across channels

  • Adaptive

    Fast response to changes in the media landscape (e.g. paid social privacy changes)

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