Marketing Analytics Suite: Social Media Analytics

QDT's Social Insight+: Precision-Powered Marketing for Tomorrow's Digital Landscape

About the service

Optimize, Navigate, Maximize: QDT's Formula for Digital Success

  • Elevate Your ROI

Dive deep into your social media performance with QDT's nuanced analysis. Understand the relationship between spend and ROI across platforms, and adjust your media mix for peak effectiveness.

  • Stay Ahead of Digital Shifts

Navigate the digital landscape confidently with QML. Adapt to privacy regulations and social media changes with insights that keep your marketing strategy sharp and compliant.

  • Optimize Your Budget

Leverage QML's insights to smartly allocate your marketing dollars. Identify high-performing platforms, like TikTok and Meta, to maximize reach and minimize costs.

  • Predictive Marketing Precision

With QDT's custom AI/ML models, anticipate market trends and tailor your marketing efforts for targeted impact. Stay ahead of the curve with predictive insights that drive strategic decision-making.

Overview of Methodology

Performance Analysis and ROI Optimization

  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of paid social media performance.
  • Evaluate ROI versus spend changes across various platforms to identify effectiveness shifts.
  • Provide actionable insights for businesses to refine their media mix, prioritizing high-return channels.

Adaptation to Market and Privacy Dynamics

  • Analyze the impact of evolving privacy regulations and social media trends on marketing strategies.
  • Offer strategic advice on adjusting to these changes to sustain or enhance ad effectiveness and platform performance.

Marketing Spend Optimization

  • Examine the response of different marketing channels to privacy changes and market dynamics.
  • Highlight resilient platforms and those with growth potential, advising on budget reallocation to exploit low CPM advantages and strong ad recoveries.

Predictive Insights through Custom AI/ML Models

  • Develop bespoke AI and machine learning models tailored to incorporate social media analytics.
  • Forecast market trends and enable personalized, proactive marketing strategies for businesses.

Expert Consulting in Data Engineering and AI

  • Extend beyond technology solutions to provide in-depth consulting on data engineering and AI applications in social media analytics.
  • Guide businesses through market shifts, media mix optimization, and innovative engagement tactics for improved marketing outcomes.

Case Study: Social Media Deep Dive for Major CPG

  • Objectives

    • Measure ROI Impact due to Privacy Changes
    • Optimize Paid Social Media Spend for Specific Campaign Objectives
  • Adaptive

    Quickly identified channels most impacted by privacy changes and adapted MMM methodology for digital attribution

  • +12%

    Incremental ROI from social media channels with optimization

  • Insights

    Reach vs. Awareness campaigns analyzed for short- and long-term ROIs

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