Predictive Supplier Insights

AI-Enhanced Supply Chain Resilience

About the service

Predictive Supplier Insights: Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management with AI

  • Predictive Capabilities:

PSI uses AI to anticipate risks and their impacts across an extensive supplier network, employing over 150 data sources and 80 KPIs to predict potential disruptions. This comprehensive approach enables proactive risk management for a wide range of industries, ensuring supply chain continuity and efficiency.

  • Preventive Actions:

Beyond forecasting risks, the platform generates AI-derived mitigation strategies to preemptively address identified risks. It incorporates an AI learning component that enhances the effectiveness of these mitigation actions over time, based on their success and outcomes.

  • Prognosis and Value Tracking:

The platform offers a prognosis feature that monitors the effectiveness of implemented mitigation strategies, quantifying the financial benefits of risk prevention. It highlights significant savings opportunities by reducing incidences related to quality and logistics.

Overview of Methodology

Global Risk Overview

An interactive world view provides a global perspective on supplier risks, allowing users to zoom into specific regions or factories for a detailed risk assessment.

Detailed Risk Analysis

Users can select individual suppliers for a deeper dive into the factors driving their risk scores, offering insights into specific vulnerabilities.

KPI Analysis and Trends

The platform enables users to explore and analyze risky KPIs, understanding their trends and the underlying factors contributing to these risks.

Mitigation Action Assignment

A dedicated view allows for the assignment of specific mitigation actions to responsible parties, facilitating efficient risk management.

Additional features

Category-specific risk views and a correlation analysis tool, providing further insights into risk KPIs and their interrelations.

Case Study: PSI at Scale at Major Enterprise

  • Objectives

    • Address the challenge of unforeseen supplier-related disruptions by predicting potential risks, ensuring uninterrupted supply chain operations.
    • Provide detailed risk analyses and mitigation strategies.

  • Proactive Risk Management

    Leverages AI to anticipate and mitigate supplier-related risks before they disrupt supply chain operations.

  • Comprehensive Data Analysis

    Utilizes over 150 data sources and 80 KPIs for in-depth insights and accurate predictions of potential disruptions

  • Financial Benefit Tracking

    Quantifies the savings from implemented mitigation strategies, highlighting the value of proactive risk prevention in supply chain efficiency

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