President and Co-Founder

Rajiv Chandrasekaran

Short Bio

  • As the CEO and Founder of Quantum Data Technologies (QDT), I oversee the development of the Quantum Machine Learning (QML) platform, specializing in AI and ML technologies.
  • With a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, and extensive experience leading global engineering teams, my area of expertise encompasses machine learning and telecommunications, contributing to QDT's proficiency in data analytics and predictive modeling.
  • My role ensures QDT's global deployment of solutions, leveraging AI for industry transformation and enhanced decision-making processes.
  • Recognition through awards and patents highlights the focus on delivering technology-driven solutions aimed at solving complex business challenges.
  • My background in engineering emphasizes a rigorous approach to problem-solving and innovation. This foundation informs my leadership at QDT, where engineering discipline is pivotal in shaping our AI and ML solutions.

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